Holiday Travel Ends Amidst Incessant Rains

29/12/2011 10:01

The Thanksgiving Day celebrations may have been over, but the weather problems which have caused numerous flight delays, are still very much around. Air travel has consequently been slowed down and even grounded.

Much of the troubles in air travel have been due to the storm raging across the Eastern seaboard, particularly in New York. The terrible weather has become so bad that nearly all the airline companies were affected. Both the arrival and departure of flights were severely delayed and this was very evident in the three major airports operating in New York City. The delays lasted up to two hours.

The delays were not unique to New York however, as airports located in the cities of Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte and Philadelphia had similar incidents, although on a somewhat lower scale. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reported that the delays notwithstanding, the flights both before and right after Thanksgiving Day went relatively fine.

A spokesperson for the Air Transport Association revealed that the last few days have actually been good. The ATA is a group composed of the largest carriers in the country. It admitted the weather did indeed cause some setbacks, but not to any extent which the industry could not recover from.

Statistics from the FAA showed how the past year featured more delays in flight than previous years. This year has in fact recorded the most number of flight delays ever.